Tiny Motions, Collective Care

June 7th, 4pm-5.30pm BST / 11am–12:30pm EST.

A workshop with Anna Roberts-Gevalt and Karisa Senavitis.

Limited capacity, booking via Eventbrite.

This confabulation is an opportunity to connect sick communities with folks affected by the mass disabling event of long covid. We welcome others to join the space as allies and listeners.

We are Canaries (a listserv for people who have chronic autoimmune conditions and a gendered experience with healthcare). Our confabulation is in three parts: a dialogue between our art practices; a discussion through some of our experiences; and closing with an invitation to participate and invent small somatic rituals with us.

Let us zoom in, to witness and practice the gestures of resistance and connection, amidst chronically ill communities. Tiny in scale,  in the sense of minute-to minute resisting, acts of daily support, accessible in-bed gestures, rituals so small that might not be called rituals, at first. We explore ways of mending, picking away at, and digesting our structures so that they may reduce harm and connect us in a worlding where dependency is embraced, particularly in a world where the chronically ill population has recently ballooned, with the presence of long covid. Together we practice distance healing; interfacing with technologies and systems improperly; and making room/time for divergent and messy patient knowledge. How do we connect? What are the possible tools and rituals, these tiny motions ?

Anna Roberts-Gevalt is an interdisciplinary artist whose work is grounded in traditional american music and folklore. She is a fiddler, banjo player, filmmaker, archivist, visual artist and researcher based in NYC. 

Karisa Senavitis is a design researcher focused on digital boundaries of collective care. Her ongoing project, Data Feels, distributes deep listening events, video essays and zines. She is a writer, weaver and carer based in Lenape lands known as the Jersey shore.

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