Past programme

Confabulations X Art Hx at “CRITICAL”. With Shelley Angelie Saggar, Chimwemwe Phiri, Sadie Levy Gale and Michaela Clark, and chaired by Jessica Womack. 20th April 2023.

Lying In: Bed with Angela Alves, Monika Ankele and Céline Kaiser. 29th March 2023.

Stomach Ache with Vanessa Bartlett,  Kathy High,  Lindsay Kelley, Claire Hooker and Rachel Marsden.7th March 2023.

Critical Perspectives on Art Therapy with  Leah GipsonSuzanne Hudson and Elizabeth Otto. 8 February 2023.

Institutional violence in mental health: collective listening as practice and protest with Eve Loren. 1st February 2023 (cancelled due to industrial action).

Art and Psychiatric Spaces with speakers Katrin Luchsinger, Rose Ruane and Kaira M. Cabañas. 7th December 2022.

In/From the Asylum with Leslie Topp, Anna Jamieson and Simone Schmidt (performing as fictional ethnomusicologist Simone Carver). 16th November 2022.

“Viral With” with Zoë Mendelson and Marita Fraser. 19th October 2022.

Pathologies, Punchlines, Power: the Medicalized Body, Humour and Art. With Katie Snow, Christine Slobogin and Laura Cowley. 10th August 2022.

Data, devices, diagnosis: Biomedical imaging & artists’ practices. Ilona Sagar and Flis Holland in conversation with Samantha Lippett, and with a response from Jane Macnaughton. 20th July 2022.

(Re)Producing Reproduction: obstetrics, midwifery and mothering. With Jessica DandonaVanessa Dion Fletcher and Lyndsay Mann. 8th June 2022.

Infertility and Unpregnancy: Strategies for Transdisciplinary Practice in Art and Medicine. A dialogue between art historian Tamar Tembeck and artist Heidi Barkun, and a response from Isabel Davis. 18th May 2022. 

Art Hx X Confabulations at curative/spaces: Art Hx 2022 Symposium. With presentations from Michaela Clark, Chimwemwe Phiri, Shelley Angelie Saggar, and Sadie Levy Gale. 28th April 2022.

Patient-Doctor Intimates. Through art and art historical practice, Olivia Turner and Alison Syme explore the entangled, intimate, and dangerous possibilities of patient-doctor relationships, especially when these identities are embodied by women. 9th March 2022.

Being Horizontal: Vulnerability, Interdependence and Resistance. Curated by Nora Heidorn and featuring films by Nashashibi/Skaer, Teatro da Vertigem, and Kinkaleri, a performance by Harold Offeh, and a conversation with Felicity Callard. 9th February 2022.

What Is “Lived Experience”? This event brought together artist Daniel Regan and historian Chris Millard in a conversation on the use of the term ‘lived experience’ in the arts, health, and academic sectors. 12th January 2022.

Medical Imaging and the Contemporary Clinical Encounter. A panel presentation and roundtable conversation with Silvia Casini, Beverley Hood and Liz Orton. 8th December 2021.

Feelings, Objects, Altars: Using the ‘Bibliographic Altar’ to Explore Depression. A participatory workshop curated by Julie Hollenbach and Robin Alex McDonald and guided by Justice Walz. 24th November 2021.

Correspondence as Care: Writing to Bessie and Cookie. A presentation and discussion of work in progress by Gemma Blackshaw and Alice Butler. 6th October 2021.

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